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Support the Child Nutrition Reauthorization

With our federal nutrition programs — specifically, our child nutrition programs — we can help end child hunger which affects one in four Central Texas children.  As Congress renews these programs during the Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year, you have an opportunity to advocate for some really good ideas.

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Share your story with us. Legislators are always looking for real examples they can share while debating and advocating for this legislation. Your personal story can make a difference. 

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Our Issues

Focusing on specific public policy priorities, we inform decision makers at every level of government about hunger in their community and their role in ending hunger.

Federal Policy

Preserving and protecting federal nutrition programs that nourish hungry Central Texans makes it easier for us to provide quality service to our community. We regularly communicate with elected officials about the impact the Farm Bill, Child Nutrition Reauthorization and the federal budget has on our operations and the families we serve.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act (CNR)
The funding and guidelines for summer meals, school lunch, after-school meal programs WIC (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) are all decided in this act. Due to be reauthorized this year, CNR is our opportunity to improve the way we nourish future generations, improve long-term health and effectively combat child hunger.

Our priorities are to support Feeding America’s policy recommendations:

  • Make it easier for community partners and food banks to provide kids with meals during the summer and weekends.
  • Reduce administrative barriers for community partners and food banks to support and participate in programs.
  • Build capacity for community partners and food banks by using schools and their resources beyond the school hours.
  • Improve the meal quality and nutrition of federal nutrition programs to increase participation by women and children.

Download our legislative priorities (PDF)

State Policy

Because we’re conveniently located in the state capital, we make it our priority to work closely with the Texas Legislature during session, providing testimony in hearings, serving as an expert resource and advocating for policies to make our state hunger-free and healthy.
The Texas Legislature meets on odd-numbered years. The next legislative session begins January 10, 2017.

Success  of the 2015 Texas Legislative Session

With our partners at Feeding Texas and others, we successfully:

  • Increased funding for the Surplus Ag Grant from $2.9 million to $5.9 million, providing Texas food banks with additional access to fresh produce from Texas farmers. Capital Area Food Bank will receive over $200K for the next year for this program.
  • Secured funding for the Brighter Bites program, an innovative nutrition education program offered to elementary school students. Capital Area Food Bank operates this program in nine Austin ISD schools
  • Overturned the lifetime ban on people with felony drug convictions receiving SNAP benefits. This will allow people who are seeking to rebuild their lives access to important food assistance.
  • Prevented other very harmful SNAP legislation from becoming law.

More Ways You Can Take Action

Add your voice to ours and strengthen the growing movement to end hunger.  

  • Be a witness to hunger. We need your help to get beyond the sound bites and stereotypes to show how hunger is affecting real people. Your story has the power to help others know that they’re not alone. Inspire compassion and action by sharing your story with us. Submit your story on our contact form, or request to have our specially-trained story gatherers reach out to you. Se habla español. 
  • Share the research studies. We work with experts to analyze the hunger crisis in our community and provide you with easy to use information about Central Texas and each of the 21 counties we serve.
  • Invite us to speak at your next event. We can bring awareness, education and advocacy workshops, trainings and discussion groups to you.

One Strong, United Voice

We coordinate and collaborate with leading organizations dedicated to improving Americans' health and nutrition:

  • Feeding America
  • Food and Research Action Center (FRAC)
  • Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations (TANO)
  • Texans Care for Children
  • Feeding Texas (formerly the Texas Food Bank Network)
  • Texas Health Institute
  • Texas Hunger Initiative (THI)
  • Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Austin/Travis County Sustainable Food Policy Board
  • Community Action Network
  • One Voice Central Texas

Advocacy News

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