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Has hunger affected your life? Whether you are a volunteer, client or supporter, we want to hear from you! Tell your story of how hunger has impacted you, your family and your community.

Sharing the experiences of real people helps make difficult and often complex social issues easier to understand. We may choose your story to be featured on our website to better illustrate the struggles Texans face in securing enough food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my story be used?
A: We may use your story on our print and electronic communications, as examples during testimonies to legislative officials and in releases to the media. Not all stories are guaranteed to be published.

Q: What about editing?
A: We will edit the story for age appropriateness, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Explitives and adult content may be removed.

Q: How do you use my personal information?
A: The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas will never share or sell your contact information for advertising or marketing purposes. CAFB staff may contact you if further details are needed for your story.

Q: How can I share videos or audio recordings?
A: Due to the large size, you may have trouble uploading video and audio files. Instead, you can easily upload video or audio to another site (such as YouTube) and send us the link to your story through the form above.

Terms and Conditions


I hereby consent that I am 18 years of age or older and that the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas and its representatives (photographers, videographers, reporters, publishers, etc.) and agencies may use my likeness in photographs, video productions, positive and negative film images and/or sound recordings to promote the Food Bank in its efforts to nourish the hungry. I understand that my likeness may be used in some promotional materials in a way that does not accurately reflect my lifestyle or me and that my name will not be used in any situation where my likeness is not used to reflect my actual circumstances. I agree that all originals and reproductions of any likeness produced by and/or for the Capital Area Food Bank will remain property of the Food Bank. I irrevocably hold the Capital Area Food Bank and its agencies and representatives harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages and expenses associated with authorized use of the above materials. I understand that my representatives or I cannot revoke this release.


Yo medio de la presente que estoy 18 años de edad o mayor y doy concentimiento a Capital Area Food Bank y a sus representates (fotógrafos, grabadores de video, reporteros, editores, etc.) y asi como a sus agencias para que puedan utilizar  mis fotografías, producción de videos, ya sea de una manera positiva o negativa al igual que cualquier grabación de sonido para promover a Capital Area Food Bank en sus efuerzos de alimentar a las personas que necesiten alimentos o de bajos recursos.  Yo entiendo que mi persona puede ser utilizado(a) en cualquier tipo de material promocional, de una manera que no refleje mi estilo de vida y que mi nombre no sea utilizado(a) para reflejar mis circunstancias reales.  Yo estoy de acuerdo que cualquier tipo de reproducción original pueda ser utilizado por y solamente por Capital Area Food Bank, sus agencias y representates con el solo propósito de ayudar, al igual no responsabilizo a Capital Area Food Bank de cualquier tipo de reclamos, obligaciones, daños y prejuicios que sean asociados sin la autorización de sus representantes.  Yo comprendo que mis representantes y Yo podemos revocar este acuerdo.