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What is Food Banking?

Why is the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas needed?

Where does the Food Bank's food come from?

What kind of food is donated?

What foods should I collect?

What are the most-requested items?

How does the Food Bank nourish Central Texans?

Do hungry people eat at the Capital Area Food Bank?

How is the Capital Area Food Bank funded?

How are financial donations used?

Where is the Capital Area Food Bank located?

What are the Food Bank's business hours?

How do I volunteer?

How do I become a Partner Agency?

How do I receive the the Food Bank electronic newsletter?


Thank You Letters

Donation Statements

Events (Organized by Third Parties)

Auctions (Organized by Third Parties)

Raffles (Organized by the Food Bank)

Drawings (Organized by the Food Bank)

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Online Giving

Is my credit card/checking account information secure?

Why is an account created for me when I donate online?

My donation did not go through. What happened?

What kind of donations can I make online?

Can I dedicate my donation to someone?

Can I make an anonymous donation?

I need to change or cancel my online donation. Who do I contact?

Why is my e-mail address required?