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The Capital Area Food Bank Regional Food Delivery (RFD) program delivers fresh and packaged foods to centrally located drop sites in outlying areas that are easily accessible for more remote Partner Agencies serving rural populations. RFD operates five days a week, delivering items to 121 CAFB Partner Agencies in 21 counties.

Every week, these agencies place orders with CAFB that include a wide variety of packaged and frozen goods. CAFB staff members load the orders into a 48- or 30-foot refrigerated tractor-trailer and deliver them to a previously identified loading dock or parking lot in the agencies’ towns. Fresh produce, dairy goods and other perishable items also are also included.
Regional Partner Agencies meet the CAFB driver at the designated site, load their vehicles with their orders and distribute the food within their communities.

Before RFD began in 1993, all CAFB Partner Agencies in outlying counties had to make weekly trips to Austin for their orders. The journey to Austin meant transportation expenses that otherwise could have been used for agency programs and services. In addition, because CAFB was so far from so many Partner Agencies, they were significantly limited as to what frozen and refrigerated items they could safely transport back to their agencies. It was difficult for them to find the space and the proper refrigeration to take meat, produce and dairy products.

Now, RFD allows Partner Agencies to focus more of their time and resources on the populations they serve, allowing them to provide a larger variety of nutritious food.