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Capital Area Food Bank of Texas

Hunger Fact:

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Kathy Green, Senior Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
CAFB's Advocacy and Public Policy outreach works by building support for positive public policy outcomes that affect the lives of people at risk of hunger. CAFB also aims to secure government funding to meet the needs of food insecure individuals and families while ensuring that our clients’ ability to access food is not gained at the expense of other basic needs. Our work at the federal, state and local levels serves several purposes:

  • Protect federal nutrition assistance programs from legislation intended to weaken or damage them.
  • Build a network of community advocates to champion hunger and food access issues.
  • Address the root causes of hunger in concert with leading coalition groups.

Elected Officials by County

County U.S. House Texas Senate Texas House
Bastrop McCaul (CD 10); Farenthold (CD 27) Watson (SD 14) Kleinschmidt (HD 17)
Bell Carter (CD 31) Fraser (SD 24) Aycock (HD 54); Sheffield (HD 55)
Blanco Smith (CD 21) Fraser (SD 24) Issac (HD 45)
Burnet Williams (CD 25) Fraser (SD 24) Farney (HD 20)
Caldwell Farenthold (CD 27); Doggett (CD 35) Zaffirini (SD 21) Kleinschmidt (HD 17)
Coryell Williams (CD 25) Fraser (SD 24) Sheffield (HD 59)
Falls Flores (CD 17) Birdwell (SD 22) Kacal (HD 12)
Fayette McCaul (CD 10) Hegar (SD 18) Kolkhorst (HD 13)
Freestone Flores (CD 17) Schwertner (SD 5) Cook (HD 8)
Gillespie Smith (CD 21) Fraser (SD 24) Miller (HD 73)
Hays Smith (CD 21); Williams (CD 25) Campbell (SD 25);21 Issac (HD 45)
Lampasas Williams (CD 25) Fraser (SD 24) Aycock (HD 54)
Lee McCaul (CD 10); Flores (CD 17) Hegar (SD 18) Kleinschmidt (HD 17)
Limestone Flores (CD 17) Schwertner (SD 5) Kacal (HD 12)
Llano Conaway (CD 11)  Fraser (SD 24) Hilderbran (HD 53)
McLennan Flores (CD 17) Birdwell (SD 22) Kacal (HD 12); Anderson (HD 56)
Milam Flores (CD 17)  Schwertner (SD 5) Farney (HD 20)
Mills Conaway (CD 11) Fraser (SD 24) Sheffield (HD 59)
San Saba Conaway (CD 11) Fraser (SD 24) Sheffield (HD 59)
Travis McCaul (CD 10); Flores (CD 17);
Smith (CD 21); Williams (CD 25);
Doggett (CD 35)
Watson (SD 14); Zaffirini (SD 21);  Campbell (SD 25) Dukes (HD 46); Workman (HD 47); Howard (HD 48); Naishtat (HD 49); Strama (HD 50); Rodriguez (HD 51)
Williamson Carter (CD 31) Schwertner (SD 5) Farney (HD 20); Gonzalez (HD 52); Dale (HD 136)
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